Below is a list and summary of the most significant characters from Serafina’s Saga. Click on the picture of a character to learn even more and read excerpts/backstory.


Arken Jeridar

In appearance, Arken is a kind guardian to Serafina who has protected her from the perils of the Darzian jungle and, more importantly, taught her how to overcome them herself.

But Arken staunchly refuses to let Serafina leave the boundaries of the jungle, and will tell her nothing of his former life, nor of Serafina’s own origins.

Learn the full truth of Arken’s past in the free novella, “Grand Traitor.”


Belatrix Grandil

The Grandil family is well respected for its long history of honorable and trustworthy members. Belatrix is no exception.

Fierce, noble, and beautiful, Belatrix is only a hairsbreadth away from taking the throne herself. The Royal Duma will likely elect her to rule after Kallias. But Belatrix values her honor to a fault. Nothing matters to her so much as keeping her word and serving Kallias faithfully.



Jezu Grandil

Jezu proudly serves as General of the Royal Guard under his sister, Belatrix. He’s also known to be the best swordsman in Castle Krondolee.

Like most members of the Grandil family, Jezu is highly dignified and values his honor above his life. However, he’s known to make unorothodox decisions from time to time due to his senstive temperament. He has a strong sense of compassion and is more forgiving than Belatrix. Anyone on his bad list, adversely, should run as far from his path as possible.

Kallias Jeridarkallias

A close descendent of Mallion, a god of chaos, Kallias can change any metal substance into gold. This ability empowered him to take the throne at a young age when his father died.

Unfortunately, Kallias’s useful ability is now an obsession. No matter how much gold Kallias acquires, he wants more. Since he took the throne, Darzia has become the wealthiest nation in the world, but drained of important natural resources.


Nikolaos Perin

Nikolaos worships Lokke, the god of guile. He views politics as a wearisome game to play and little more. He views power as being more trouble than it’s worth.

Nikolaos does what he must to live a comfortable life, but comfort grows increasingly difficult to find under the rule of King Kallias. If he could think of a way to improve his situation, he would happily take it.


Reuben “Jeridar”

A frequent wanderer of Castle Krondolee hallways, Reuben claims to be the bastard son of Tristan Jeridar, and thus King Kallias’s very own brother. Unfortunately, no one seems to believe him.

Reuben puts on a good act as a friendly and charming fellow, so King Kallias and other nobles of Krondolee tolerate his presence. But in truth, Reuben is ready to seize any and every opportunity to gain power.


Valerie Sweelu

Valerie lives alone on a Darzian plantation where she harvests wheat and a small variety of fruits. Most people who meet her would describe her as “strange.” And she would be proud to hear it.

Valerie helps Serafina on her journey to Castle Krondolee. She would happily play a large role in the events to come, if only Serafina would let her…

Xavier Wolxavierven

Descended from the god of wrath, Wolvens are the most efficient assassins in the world.

Years after killing the former monarchs of Darzia, Xavier continues to lurk around Castle Krondolee. No one is brave enough to oppose him–at least until the return of Arken and Serafina, who know the full extent of Xavier’s crimes all too well.