Episode 1 (Animation)

Serafina has grown up in a harsh jungle full of ferocious predators and crafty prey. She knows little of the world outside the jungle, and her only human contact has been with Arken, whom she looks to as a father.

But by the age of seventeen, Serafina’s desire to explore the world outside the jungle grows daily. And eventually, her curiosity may get the better of her…


Jenny does most of the animation using Adobe Photoshop CS6, Extended Edition. She draws each frame in a separate layer and uses the Timeline to string the frames together. After that, she brings the animated clips into After Effects for special effects, or Premiere Pro for editing. More details can be found on her Tumblr.


Serafina ~ Rebecca Gomez
Arken ~ David Dixon
Nikolaos ~ Andrew Graffham
Belatrix ~ Claire Ragusin
King Kallias ~ Andrew Graffham

Music by Jenny Gibbons
Sound design by Joshua Young
Some guards/extras drawn by Bettina Selsor

Jenny has been working entirely from out-of-pocket funds. To support her work, or maybe even an animated “Episode 2,” you may donate money using the Paypal button below.